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14 february 2020

Competition Aparthotel Giewont! ️


You can win three vouchers for a three-day (2 nights) stay at Aparthotel Giewont in cooperation with JOYRIDE.

ATTENTION: on March 31, 2020 due to epidemiological threat conditions, changes were made to the regulations:
- point 2,
- point 7,


To particiapte publish photos of holidays in a promotional post.


Our completely subjective jury of the reception staff will choose three most interesting photos. Of course the number like of comments will help us to make a desicion, but it will not be the main factor.

The authors of the three best photos will be able to invite their loved ones to spend a wonderful time together in our Aparthotel Giewont.


During your stay you are invited to use

• swimming pool

• dry and wet sauna

• salt Cave,

• one place in underground parking


  1. The organizer of the competition is Aparthotel Giewont in Zakopane represented by GIEWONT S.C. Ryszard Lasyk, Józef Gąsienica Gładczan, 34-500 Zakopane, Piłsudskiego, 4a/13c nip: : 736 172 33 50. The jointly-responsible entity is Joy Ride Sp. z o.o. sp. kom., Ul. Małe Żywczańskie 2a 34-500 Zakopane - hereinafter referred to as the ORGANIZER.
  1. The competition is from  17.02.20 do 30.05.2020. The competition will decide in the first week after the end competition, until monday,  03.05.2020. The prize in the form of a voucher to be completed from 01.09.2020 to 30.09.2020 r– details below.

- Participation in the competition can be taken by an adult, which by joining him accepted the regulations, posting a photo in the comment under the facebook post.

- Participants have the right to post to the competition only photographs to which they hold all copyrights. Participants of the Competition have full responsibility related to the use of photographs they have uploaded, and in particular full responsibility for violating the rights of third parties. If a third party claims against the Organizer with claims arising from the violation of its rights, the Participant is obliged to satisfy them and release the Organizer from liability.

- In the event of violation of applicable law, third party rights, as well as fraud attempts, the Organizer reserves the right to remove the photograph from the competition procedure. The Organizer's activities do not require any statement to be sent to the Participant. The organizer also has the right to delete photos without informing the Participant about other reasons, for example when they contain offensive content, inciting violence, referring to any discrimination, of a pornographic nature - incompatible with Facebook ® regulations. The organizer reserves the right to exclude from the participation of photographs that violate the Competition Regulations

- Pursuant to the provisions of the Regulations, the Participants who will be Winners, agree to the publication of their personal data (including the place of residence) on the Internet and in promotional materials.


- To enter the competition, you must have your own Facebook ® account.

- A photo published in electronic form can not exceed its size with the parameters required by the social network. The image resolution must also be high enough to allow selection without the need for additional commentary.



- As part of joining the Competition, the participant declares that:
1) has full copyright, personal and property rights to the competition entry submitted by him;

2) the work submitted to the competition does not violate any rights of third parties, in particular copyrights of other entities;

3) has the consent of persons whose image has been recorded on the photograph to use this image for the purposes of the Competition, and to use this image by the Organizer as part of the information and promotion activities, in particular: in publications and public presentations and placement on the Internet, without restrictions temporal and territorial;

4) transfers the proprietary copyrights to submitted works for the Organizer free of charge on the following fields of exploitation: use and processing by the Organizer of Competition Works as part of the information and promotion activities, including publishing on the Internet and in the information and promotional materials of the Organizer, as well as using them to public presentation without time and territorial limits;

- Written statement of the winner about the free transfer of proprietary copyrights to the competition works for the Organizer and a statement of consent to the processing of personal data, at the time of the competition.


- persons joining the competition accept the competition rules;

- the winners of the competition are obliged to a written declaration of accepting the competition regulations and submitting statements from point 5 in writing immediately after giving their consent to the announcement of the results with information about their selection. The only possibility of receiving the prize that is the property of Joy Ride Sp. z o.o. sp. kom. is to meet the requirements, and to accept the rules of the rental. (attachment 1.);

- the prerequisite for participation is posting a holiday photo in the promotional post;

- the photo must meet the requirements of point 3;

- the winners will be selected by a completely subjective jury in the composition of the reception staff. The reception will choose the three most interesting photos in our opinion. Of course, the number of comments will help us choose - it will not be a main reason;

- selected winners will receive a voucher to stay with the possibility of renting a bicycle owned by Joy Ride Sp. z o.o. sp. kom. on the principles of rental;

- the competition will start after the publication of a minimum of 5 photos in the comments under the post.

At the end of the competition, 3 places will be selected by the Jury in the reception Staff;

- selected winners who do not meet the requirements of the regulations and fail to comply with its provisions within 7 days - will be rejected;

- in the event that the laureate does not report to the reception directly within 7 working days - a new winner will be selected.

  1. AWARDS:

The three winners will be selected by choice (see point 6).

The one competition win is a three-day (2 nights) stay for two people at Aparthotel Giewont ® in cooperation with JOY RIDE.

To win:

- a voucher to stay in an available STUDIO apartment, for two people (the laureate chooses the person to come with),


- a voucher to stay in an available DELUXE apartment, for two people (the laureate chooses the person to come with),



- a voucher to stay in an available PRESTIGE type apartment, for two people (the laureate selects the person to come with)


- One voucher is intended for two person. According to the regulations of Aparthotel Giewont ®, each additional person in the apartment costs 45 pln/per night. Children under the age of 4 have a free stay.

- The voucher includes free bike rental for one day by the competition laureate along with the person chosen by him.

- One voucher is intended for two people. According to the regulations of Joy Ride Sp. z o.o. sp. kom. every next person interested in renting a bike will be settled according to the applicable price list.

- One person can only win one prize.

- It is not possible to exchange the prize for the monetary equivalent.

- Apartment owners, family and outsiders are not allowed to participate in the competition.

- VOUCHER will be sent to the winner by e-mail after providing contact details.

- The Facebook service is fully released from liability by each participant. The promotion is not sponsored in any way, supported or carried out by or related to Facebook.

- The offer does not include catering, but it is possible to order breakfast  in the form of catering at the selected time (orders are accepted until 18:00 the day before) at a price of 30 PLN for an adult.

- The competition lasts until 30 april  - up to 12 p.m.

- The results of the competition will appear until 3 may 2020.



-According to art. 13 of the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data of 27 April 2016 (Journal of Laws UE L 119 of 04/05/2016),inform that:

  1. the administrator of your personal data is Aparthotel Giewont;
  2. contact with the Data Protection Inspector - iod@giewontzakopane.pl;
  3. your personal data will be processed for the purpose of using hotel services - pursuant to Article 6 para. 1 lit. b of the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data of 27 April 2016;
  4. recipients of your personal data will be only entities authorized to obtain personal data on the basis of legal provisions and entities involved in the provision of services;
  5. your personal data will be stored for a period of 10 years;
  6. you have the right to request the administrator to access personal data, the right to rectify it, delete or limit processing and the right to transfer data;
  7. you have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority;
  8. providing personal data is voluntary, however, refusal to provide data may result in denial of service/contract.






concluded in Zakopane on ........................... (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) between:

Joy Ride sp. z o.o. sp. kom, Ul. Małe Żywczańskie 2a 34-500 Zakopane, hereinafter referred to as the RENTAL SHOP

and ................................................................................. situated in ....................................................................... phone number ............................... Identity Card no. .................................. and the second identity document ................................... no. ................................ hereinafter referred to as the RENTER


§ 1

The subject of the contract is the rental of a bicycle in accordance with the RENTAL SHOP TERMS AND CONDITIONS.


§ 2

1. The RENTER declares that has read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS and accepts them.

2. Acceptance of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS and rental of a bike are tantamount to a statement on the state of health that enables safe cycling, driving skills and knowledge of traffic regulations.

3. The RENTER declares that the RENTAL SHOP shall provide him with technically functional equipment in accordance with the applicable safety rules, which the RENTER confirms with his own signature.

4. The RENTER shall use the equipment in accordance with its intended purpose and at the same time bears full responsibility for any mechanical defects resulting from its use.


§ 3

1. The RENTAL SHOP rents to the RENTER a bicycle in a number of pieces ..............on ...................., at ...............

2. The cost of renting one bike is free per one use for competition winner

3. The expected time of a bike rental .................................

4. The place of a bike return: Joy Ride, Małe Żywczańskie 2a, 34-500 Zakopane.


§ 4

1. The Agreement shall be effective as of the day of signing.

2. The Agreement is concluded for a definite period of time from the date of handing over a bike to the RENTER until the day of its return to the RENTAL SHOP.

3. In matters not covered by this Agreement, the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.

4. All disputes shall be settled by a common court having jurisdiction over the RENTAL'S SHOP legal address.

5. This Agreement has been drawn up in two identical copies, one for each Party.


…………………….……………………………..                                                                                                   …………………….……………………………..                                           

          RENTAL SHOP                                                                                                                                                        RENTER




1. Rental bikes are the property of JOY RIDE Szymon Syrzistie, ul. Małe Żywczańskie 2a, 34-500 Zakopane.

2. The rented bike is technically functional and shall be returned to the rental shop in the same condition.

3. In order to rent a bike the RENTER should:

     - present an ID card and other document with a photo,

     - be an adult and sober,

     - sign an agreement for renting a bike, meaning acceptance of the

       rental conditions,

     - pay a fee for renting a bike with a credit card. The card must be the property of the person presenting the identity documents.  

4. The RENTER is personally responsible for the rental bike.

5. It is forbidden to pass on the bike to third parties.

6. The RENTER relinquishes all claims against the RENTAL SHOP in the event of accidents, damages or injuries resulting from using a rental bike.

7. In the event of leaving a bike outside the rental shop, it must be secured against theft.

8. The person renting a bike bears full responsibility for the damage caused from the moment the bike was rented until its return.

9. In the event of a theft of a bicycle, the RENTER is obliged to immediately notify the police and then submit the certificate of the theft to the rental shop.

10. The RENTER bears the full costs of the stolen bike or its repair.

11. The rental shop is not liable for concealed defects.

12. The rental fee is charged in advance.

13. If the employee of the rental shop finds the client unreliable, he may refuse to rent a bike without giving a reason.

14. The rented bike is clean and it shall be returned in the same condition. There is an additional fee of 20 PLN for returning a dirty bike.

15. The bike shall be returned to the rental shop in the declared and paid time.



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